Whereswilder are finishing their successful “Mission To Sail Tour” on Saturday, November 4th, at AN Club. They will perform their latest excellent album ‘Hotshot’ (Inner Ear Records.2017), sharing the stage with Pale Oaks & Pelion Rivers. Just before this great one, we managed to get them share a few words with us… Enjoy!

Catching you in your Mission To Sail Tour, cannot avoid asking if you are satisfied? Looking forward to your 4th November live appearance at AN Club?

It’s our first time around Europe, we‘ve been really enjoying it. We went to many places far away from home for the first time ever, meeting old and new friends along the way. It’s a bliss. Definitely looking forward to our show at AN Club. We’re hoping to bring there all the fun we had on tour and end it properly.

A few months ago you released your 2nd excellent album Hotshot via Inner Ear Records. How did you manage to achieve such an awesome, laid-back atmosphere thorough the album? Any special recipe?

We wanted to make a record that someone would like to listen from start to end. Main idea was to make a record suitable for listening sessions during travelling. That may have caused the laid-back atmosphere you mentioned.

Travelling back to time now… You released your debut Yearling through Six D.O.G.S. Records. How did this co-op come about? Were you satisfied with the album’s acceptance?

By the time that the record label was being made we already had played numerous times at the venue. We presented them the material and decided to move on with the release. It’s been a real nice ride. Our clip for ‘Bo’ is something that we’re also really proud of.

Jo Kendall of Prog/Classic Rock UK on Hotshot – May 2017: Best prog you can get this month. This is an achievement, isn’t it? Did you expect this?

All of us have issues of those magazines at home. Yes it was a very nice surprise to know that someone there considered taking time to write about ‘Hotshot’. We also found out about Nazz, a forgotten 60s band that we didn’t know we shared common taste.

Studying your Facebook profile, I notice that you have performed along with notable bands such as Dead Meadow, Planet Of Zeus, Samsara Blues Experiment, The Last Shadow Puppets and Suede among others. Which ones would you pick out as the most unique ones and why?

Each one of these performances was special for us. Seeing The Last Shadow Puppets was a really rewarding experience musically but same goes with our first gig on a big stage when we opened for Planet Of Zeus.

Your music contains strong psychedelic elements. Which psych bands have influenced you the most? Apart from psychedelic music, which other genres are you keen on?

Influences are too many to name or pick both as a band and individual taste. When we gather round usually everyone gets his turn to put some music on. We all love to throw in some Neil Young and -lately- Tom Petty. Real travel-material records.


If you had to choose 3 (favorite) tracks from Hotshot, which would they be and why?

That’s not possible.

What’s on the horizon for Whereswilder?

After we hit Greek soil we have a lot of plans for releasing material from the record and the tour. Keep your eyes peeled for a video and some performance stuff for sure.

Answer a question you had always loved to do, and never had the chance to be questioned…

It’s Hotshot, not Hotspot.

Christos Doukakis