Warrel Dane was in São Paolo, Brazil working on his second solo album. During the night of December 13th the guitarist, Johnny Moraes, found Dane unconscious. “He died in the night. He had a heart attack. He was in the apartment where he stayed during the recording of the album when it happened. I gave him cardiac massage and we called the Mobile Emergency Care Service (SAMU), who came very fast, but when they arrived, he was already dead.”

Dane was born in 1961 and as a musician was active since 1983. He was trained as an opera singer, thus he has been one of the most distinctive singers in metal music. He was a natural baritone using a dramatic voice as well, but he could also sing in high notes.

Warrel and Jim Sheppard formed Sanctuary in 1985. Sanctuary had been in hiatus since 1992 and Warrel and Jim then formed Nevermore, borrowing the name from the famous poem of Edgar Alan Poe. In 2010, one year before Nevermore were officially over, Dane revived Sanctuary. Meanwhile, in 2008 Warrel Dane released his first solo album ‘Praises To The War Machine‘ (Century Media). On September 20th it was revealed that Dane was beginning the recording sessions for his second solo album called ‘Shadow Work‘ with Roy Z as the producer, planned to be released in 2018 via Century Media.

Warrel was another talented musician who left us unexpectedly. Rest in peace… and we are still dreaming neon black.

Mary Kalaitzidou