VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Teen Mortgage – Tuning In

115 seconds of garage punk greatness, with a killer bass, super cathcy hooks and an instant call to action by the Washington D.C. duo, will leave you begging for some more!

Joey Green – Birthday

Texas area native and Nashville transplant Joey Green’s ‘Birthday’ is a priceless gift of pure emotion; A bitter “bithday” song of a broken heart, destined for all of those who’ve experienced such a “loss”…. Take a deep breath and press play!

Kairiko – Black Sparrow

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Kairiko’s most recent single ‘Black Sparrow’, is an impeccable sample of modern/nu jazz sound, with rich arrangement and ace flow,  and the best taster of the upcoming album…. 

Horse Doctor – Simulated Life

Thank God these 4 dudes that got together to play At The Drive-in, made the brave step to move forward and create their own music; ‘Simulated Life’ is a 5-minute slow-burner thats sets off in a moody, almost hypnotic way, featuring singer-songwriter sensibilities, to explode after the 2nd minute and unleash some volcanic emotion. You may call this indie, or alternative or even emo, this for sure is some great music that will keep you engaged for quite a while….

The Moving Stills – Volcano

This summer’s almost gone, but will keep it in our hearts, thanks to the shimmering indie pop smasher by the Aussie outfit The Moving Stiils. Nostalgic, super catchy, and pure indie gold!

Odonian Drifts – Room 235

An one of a kind neofolk, ambient & indie electronic hybrid, which is a dedication to the memory of writer, para-academic and sound artist Mark Fisher (k-punk) by the solo project of British I.S. Rowley – poet, para-academic and one-fifth of post-punki(ish) outfit Spirits in the Pillar…. Eerie and haunting treasure!

Jonathan Nagel – Now

A 9+ minute elegy, bridging neoclassical, ambient/drone, electro-acoustic and dark wave, that should be experienced during the late hours og night, with dim light, and on headphones… The Dutch artist/composer Jonathan Nagel will be your guide to his unique “space”…

Realizer – The Fog

A meditative acoustic, ambient instrumental composition by Matt C White’s creative vehicle, Realizer, is finely calibrated offering ideal for chilling after a hard day’s work….

Aldartal – There is Only the Dance

Swedish project Aldartal’s ‘There is Only the Dance’ is a minimal, highly epxerimental electronic odyssey, heavily influenced by kraut behemoths like Cluster and Neu!; An utterly seductive experience that every brave & patient listener should by all means embrace…

3 Electro Knights – I Move In Another Dimension (Peter James ‘Mandy’ Remix)

A massive remix by Peter James ‘Mandy’ on 3 Electro Knights’ ‘I Move In Another Dimension’, which is the absolute, nihilistic, offbeat experience, and features Patti Smith’s extraordinary poetry to unleash an out of this planetary system vibe…. Highly experimental, no wave, kosmische music on psychedelics!

Christos Doukakis