VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Grooblen – Escher Girl

Grooblen’s ‘Escher Girl; is an astonishing blend of avant jazz with alt pop, featuring eerie vocals, divine melodies, and complex but utterly absorbing, nu jazz, sonic explorations….

Earl Bowman – Slow it Down

The debut single by the 29 y.o. singer/songwriter from Louisville Kentucky, Earl Bowman, is a classic rock/blues stomper, written in the middle of Covid about politics, and his struggles with bipolar disorder… An anthem that appilies to most of us, and let’s ‘slow it down’!

The Lavender Scare – Names

What we mostly adore of The Lavender Scare, is that their music contains that vital drama element, that’s most of us are missing in our lives… The salt n’ pepper to move forward, and ‘Names’ find this L.A. indie rock outfit  asking the metaphorical question, “What if God was trans?”… Pure greatness!

Weal – La Résistance

The grande finale of the Danish band Weal’s new album, is an 11-minute, post rock magnum opus, that will reward all post rock aficionados… Ladies & Gents, prepare yourselves for the ultimate, epic journey!

Antsy – Cosmic Love

Iceland rarely disappoints, and the French indie pop solo project based in Reykjavik, Antsy, couldn’t be the exception to the rule! The most recent single ‘Cosmic Love’ is a super-catchy, synth-pop ear-candy, ideal for dancing, dreaming and…..falling in love!

Hot Mass – A Literal Century

Space rock, post punk and shoegaze are ideally mixed in the most recent single ‘A Literal Century’ by the British band Hot Mass, like Spacemen 3 jamming in the same studio with Prolapse! With MBV behind the console!

Gutter Punk – Anything About Me

Gutter Punk’s ‘Anything About Me’ is an one of a kind amalgam of noise with experimental hip-hop, filled with multiple layers of distortion, but never losing its melodic value, and according to its creators this is “a song about refusing to let people in that dont deserve it”.

SØSTR – Peace of Mind

An alluring experimental electronic odyssey with spotless sound, about an emotional imbalance of a world (both inner and external) in crises, by the Danish outfit SØSTR…

Glass Echoes – Long Way

‘Long Way’ is the 1st single from the Glass Echoes’ debut full-legth ‘Breathe’, a stunning, experimental, indie folk anthem with beautiful vocal harmonies, and cinematic quality to get lost to….

Cash Langdon – Hearts Feel Wild

The second single from Cash Langdon’s forthcoming album, ‘Sinister Feeling’ (out October 14th), is a timeless americana/indie rock blend with a superb, nostalgic vibe!

Christos Doukakis