VITAL will be bringing to light 10 splendid songs you should bury yourself in! Do not expect “genre barriers”!

Kairiko – La Dame aux Camélias

An impeccable jazz fusion treat with flawless progression, and rich arrangement, inspired  “after reading the novel of the same name, about a love affair in Paris in 1850”.

Makoto San – Kodama

A stunning melodic dontempo treat, with a jaw-dropping visualizer by Makoto San. Mystical, powerful with a divine build-up!

Lucy Dreams – Levels (feat. Frida Bollani Magoni)

Dream/alt pop trio from Vienna, Lucy Dreams, recently released ‘Levels’, a superb, synth-soaked ear-candy inspired by the idea of multiple time dimensions. featuring the great vocals by blind singer Frida Bollani Magoni…

Uèle Lamore – Two equals three

Franco-American musician Uèle Lamore gifted us with a glowing with quality indietronica, dream pop hybrid perfect for daydreaming…

Caitlin Glennon – Well Paid Slaves

Bay Area singer-songwriter Caitlin Glennon combines pop punk with attitude and super catchy indie rock melodies, and is not afraid to sing about matters most of us may relate one way or another…. Dope!

Finnish Postcard – Monuments

A highly addictive, lo-fi rock slow-burner by the Los Angeles duo Finnish Postcard is just unmissable for all indie kids out there….On repeat!

Nite Kite – A Mesmerizing Appearance

Brussel-based sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist Dieter Boels is Nite Kite, and ‘A Mesmerizing Appearance’ is a spotless, highly cinematic blend of idm, contemporary music and wave, that will transfer the listener to its magical, sonic oasis….

Florian Brunner – Golden Age

A “pure gold”, drone escapade by the visionary French composer Florian Brunner…

Orchestra Gold – Koniya

A kaleidoscopic ethnic, psych, kraut amalgam deeply rooted in the Malian tradition by Orchestra Gold!

Serafim Tsotsonis – Dear Fear

Serafim Tsotsonis is a Greek, accomplished composer, electronic musician, music producer and sound designer and his latest single ‘Dear Fear’ a hypnotic, idm/neoclassical composition with addictive, dystopian soundscapes, released via Hatsuyume Records…

Christos Doukakis