Unexplained Sounds Group is extremely proud to release ‘Visions Of Darkness In Iranian Contemporary Music‘, a new compilation on Iran dark experimental scene. Let’s promote the alternative underground music from Iran!

The simurgh is depicted in Iranian art as a winged creature in the shape of a bird, gigantic enough to carry off an elephant or a whale. It appears as a peacock with the head of a dog and the claws of a lion, sometimes however, also with a human face. Iranian legends consider the bird so old that it had seen the destruction of the world three times over. The simurgh learned so much by living so long that it is thought to possess the knowledge of all the ages. We hope this mythological benevolent creature could be a hope and a a guide in our dark times.

Edited by © Unexplained Sounds Group.
Curated by Raffaele Pezzella (Sonologyst)
and Morego Dimmer (aka Mohamad Reza G.).
Cover artwork editing by Raffaele Pezzella and Morego Dimmer.
Special thanks for precious help to Morego Dimmer and all Iranian friends who, once more, believed into Unexplained Sounds for making their art better known around the world.