L.A. based producer and composer Tommy Simpson, known as Macro/micro recently scored the soundtrack for ‘R.A.E.R BETA 0027’, a short futuristic film centered around a woman who’s signed up for an experimental therapy using a machine that projects images of the subconsciousness to aid in repressed trauma healing. The film itself is surprisingly hopeful with a sinister undertone, a “repressed” – if you will – feeling that you can’t shake despite the optimism and Simpson’s ambient soundtrack assists in this, while being entirely responsible for the atmospheric doubts and wonders.

A Shadow In The Night’ is multifaceted (although that can be said for each track): anxious while settling, mystical and yet restrained, crystalline as well as fuzzy; a definite highlight. The gorgeously hypnotic cover of French composer Erik Satie’s ‘Gnossienne No.1’ and especially the ambient mix version are standouts, playing an important role in ‘R.A.E.R. BETA 0027’. They’re both entirely too easy to lose yourself in and will have your thoughts wandering languorously. ‘Integration of the Shadow’ is like a return to oneself, begging for meditation or microdosing to assist in the processing. The track builds slowly until radiating in a silver crescendo, to then bubble with tense emotion. Any Nine Inch Nails fan would find solace in ‘Reassembling the Self’, more minimalistic than what one would be used to, but comforting all the same.

Tommy Simpson spent two years assisting Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross as an audio engineer on albums and media soundtracks and the influence is to be found heaviest on the aforementioned ‘Reassembling…’. Find yourself healing your own repressed traumas with this OST. 

Sarah Medeiros