The Moon Seven Times is a ‘90s ethereal/dream pop band from Champaign-Urbana.

Henry Frayne (guitar), Lynn Canfield (vocals), Brendan Gamble (drums) and Don Gerard (bass)  formed The Moon Seven Times from their  previous band Area.

They have produced three albums, their self-titled first album, ‘7=49’ (1994, Roadrunner Records) and ‘Sunburnt’ (1997, Roadrunner Records).

Released by Third Mind Records in 1993, ‘The Moon Seven Times‘, floats after hours into 4ADish magnificent sound spaces. Wearing a more earthly Cocteau Twins‘ drape, fly over Black Tape For A Blue Girl dark clouds and the strange landscapes of This Mortal Coil but faced by a more pop/acoustic shoegaze prism. The tremolo guitar of Henry Frayne sounds like trembling stars at midnight. Lynn Canfield’s fantastic voice, paints all songs ideally. Warm yet crystallized, strong yet sensitive, ethereal yet earthly; an excellent singer, absolutely beguiling. Drummer Brendan Gamble gives a warm balance to the songs, sometimes considerate, sometimes in front.

Their music is a nocturnal trip in the starry night sky, full of charm songs, with ethereal beauty. The gorgeous cover photography of the album prepares us for what we are about to listen to.

My Medicine’ is driven principally by Brendan Gamble excellent playing on drums especially at the start and end of the song. ‘Rise’ is fast and furious and stressed with roughly guitar. ‘Her house’ is pure rhythmic and atmospheric, one of the most beautiful tracks of the album, a typical Moon Seven Times song. ‘Paris Luna’ presents a dramatic, theatrical mood and on the other hand, ‘Surrender’ & ‘Dear Joe’ are calm, peaceful, like an abstract night observation. ‘Sweet Magnolias’ is totally different compared with the other songs: a post-folk song that reminds me of another great group, Mazzy Star.

But the highlight, is the next one:

Miranda’ is my favourite track of this album. ‘Your eyes are like ocean, maybe as deep as siren’s cry’. An extraordinary song, with nocturnal ambience, hypnotic atmospheric drums, trembling guitar riff and dreamy solos, and the magical ethereal voice of Lynn Canfield singing—almost heartbreaking; a masterpiece with poetic lyrics for late midnight dreams.

If their second album, ‘7=49’ is like a dreamy-dizzy morning, their first one is the voice of the night.

An unforgettable  album, all-fired to be loved…

Theodoros Rentesis