This is pretty sad, but probably inevitable; The great post-punk band 2•L8 are ending their career with the pessimistic anthem ‘The Inevitable Defeat Of You And Me‘. Their announcement is the following:

 ‘2L8 (2005-2017)

As we have already announced “The Answer” was the last 2L8 album to be published. It is with great joy today that we announce we won’t be performing anymore.

Thanks to you: We managed to have the last three of our albums crowdfunded, raising more than 10000 euro for these projects, including “New Battles” the first crowdfunded album in Greece. That took a ridiculous amount of trust from you generous people. We sold thousands of physical copies of our music and thousands of downloads. Finally thank you for so many nights to remember performing in front of you guys. Thank you for singing and dancing with us. Thank you all for supporting us for so long!!! It was a hard task, but we did our best to meet your high expectations.

Our discography will be available as a free download and remaining copies will be sold at cost: 2005 Armed angels, frustrated youth, the art of self-deceit and music industry (Poeta Negra) 2008 He&She, angry enough to keep loving in the Dark Ages (Inner Ear) 2011 New Battles, without Honor and Humanity (No More Happy Music productions) 2013 Η Κλωστή “The Thread” (No More Happy Music productions) 2016 The Answer (No More Happy Music productions).

Hopefully with our discography we managed to convey our message for global justice, ending slavery, craving for freedom in all forms, and the infinite consciousness that lies beyond connecting us all together. The Thread. Hopefully we managed to be a part of the global discussion for a better world.

The road is long, the road is endless, so strengthen your hearts for the battles to come, cause we need you.

Take care,


Nothing more to add. Long live 2•L8…

Christos Doukakis