Compiled by: Mary Kalaitzidou, Kostas Karamichalis & Vasiliki Koulouri

Paradise Lost – ‘Small Town Boy’

Small Town Boy’ has been a great success of Bronski Beat’s debut album ‘The Age Of Consent’ in 1984; a manifest song for the homosexual community, successfully covered by Paradise Lost in their album ‘Symbol Of Life’ (2002).

Depeche Mode – ‘Never Let Me Down Again’

From the album ‘Music for the Masses’ released in 1987, one of the very well known Depeche Mode hits. A song about taking trips with best friends, whoever they might be…

Simple Minds – ‘Someone Somewhere In Summertime’

A favorite song of Simple Minds, and a quite distinctive one from their general music work, comes from the album ‘New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)’ (1982).

Talk Talk – ‘Such a Shame’

Mark Hollis got inspiration for ‘Such a Shame’ from Luke Rhinehart’s book ‘The Dice Man. From the album ‘It’s My Life’ released in 1984.

The Sisters of Mercy – ‘Never Land (A Fragment)’

From the album ‘Floodland’ (1987). With this song Eldritch imagines “the entire population of the earth starting to travel from some indefinable point in space toward the earth at increasing speed. It would take an eternity to reach the earth—by which time you’d be reasonably spiritualized—and even when you reached the destination, you wouldn’t actually hit the ground. You’d be going so fast you’d just go through and out the other side, where there is another eternity of nothingness. I just tried to write a song about these impressions.”

Mary Kalaitzidou


Magnus – ‘Summer is Here’

A classic by Tom Barman and CJ Bolland. The eternal soundtrack for an eternal summer. A groovy, soulful track, goes with gin and tonic.

Beck – ‘Tropicalia’

Beck goes tropical in this upbeat track. Combine with a fruity cocktail, with two straws and many little umbrellas.

Brazzaville – ‘Peach Tree’

West meets East and Bosphorus does its magic. David Brown‘s Brazzaville in a peaceful masterpiece, ideally served with an ice cold beer.

Radiohead – ‘Separator’

Britain’s finest in a track for watching the ships go by. Alcohol is optional.

Washed Out – ‘It All Feels Right’

The ideal soundtrack for drinking afternoon margaritas by the sea.

Kostas Karamichalis

A combination of the newest and the oldest, different sounds, different feelings—that’s my summer tracklist.

Love – ‘Alone Again Or’

It still sounds really fresh.

Richard Ashcroft – ‘A Song for the Lovers’

Instant classic.

The Walkabouts – Tindersticks – ‘Take me’

Unique and timeless song.

The Last Shadow Puppets – ‘Aviation’

Two voices in one.

Sivert Høyem – ‘My Thieving Heart’ (feat. Marie Munroe)

This duet is a match made in heaven. And the lyrics are amazing.

Vasiliki Koulouri