Well, here I am sitting alone outside of a room. The room’s door has a number on it, the number is: 30071969. This number looks familiar to me, but I can’t recall it right now. I’m trying to remember what I am doing here, who I’m waiting for.

The last memory I have, is walking through a forest at night. The path I was walking, was getting increasingly narrow. The trees coming towards me, seems like they’re trying to eat me. I can barely see the stars as the trees get closer to me. I also remember that after a while, the path got wet, and as I kept walking, it’s getting more moistorous. I felt that I was drowning, yes, that is my last memory! I was drowning; I couldn’t  breathe.

And then, suddenly I found myself here, outside of a room, waiting for something that I didn’t knew. What had happened? Where was the missing time? I have a big blank in my head, but I’m trying to remember.

Sadly, I remember nothing else. Not even what was the number on the door, which I believe I knew it.

So, for how long am I going to wait? There is no clock around, but I feel like I’ve been waiting for ages. I look again at the door, hoping that I’ll remember something, or hoping that -somehow- the door may open. But nothing has changed, I feel like time has stopped.

I decide to knock on the door (as I tried before but felt coward). Still I’m afraid. I’m afraid to knock on the door, I’m afraid to see what’s behind this door. But, I also desperately want to see.

I start looking at the room that I’m waiting. The walls are white, and perfectly clear. No pictures on, even the surface is flawless. They were the strangest walls I have ever seen. I start looking at the walls, just to forget what I am doing here. It was in vain, because I couldn’t stop thinking of it, and the worst of all is that I was getting scared! Funny, I was afraid, because I didn’t know nothing! I try to think that maybe behind this door, might be something good, something that would make me happy! But who am I fooling? This beliefs are not in me. I’m the saddest person ever.

But, as time passes, I got more determined to find out. The only thing that I can do, is open the door. Suddenly, I realize that this is the only door around, meaning that I must enter this door.

So, why am I still afraid? Why do I have all this tense in me? It is just a simple decision opening the door I said to myself. So, I approach the door, I reach my hand to the knob. I’m ready to touch it, but I’m still afraid. I think that maybe it’s better to wait and see if the door opens. I’m  still standing and looking again at the door at the moment.

I don’t know for how much time I have been looking at it, when I heard a noise. It originated behind the door! I went closer, I want to hear what was this. And yes, after a while, I heard something. It was like a baby crying! Like someone had left a baby alone.

So, what am I going to do now? Shall I open the door? I have to, because there is a baby inside! But, what if there is no baby? What if this is something else? Something very frightening?

What  am I going to do? What am I going to do now?? Shall I open the door or shall I leave? But, how can I leave, there is no other exit! It’s only this door in front of me! The door with the number 30071969!

The baby is crying very loud now. My head is getting full of its screams! I must open this door, even if I die, I have to, I need to!

I reach for the knob again, I touch it. For a minute it’s very cold, for a minute it’s very hot! I don’t care now, I’m determined to find out what lies behind this door.

My hand is shaking, my heart is trembling as I open the door.

Finally the door is open, and I see the only thing that I never wanted to see. It was there, waiting for me.

Helpless I walk towards it, I just sadly smile for a while, because in front of me there was that forest, with the narrow path. The forest that I was coming from.

And I knew that when I was opened this door, I wil be doing the same route in the forest, for ever and ever…

Story by: Konstantinos Pamfiliss

Illustration: Sofia Kyrisoglou