What more can be said about Possessed that hasn’t already been said? The most important thing regarding the band’s recent history is that Possessed have just released a new album called ‘Revelations Of Oblivion’ on May 10th 2019 via Nuclear Blast. The band which created the death metal genre and have paved the way for many famous death metal bands is back after 33 years, since their second full-length release ‘Beyond The Gates’ (1986, Combat Records) (it’s been 32 years including the amazing EP ‘The Eyes Of Horror’). The news are exciting not only for old fans but younger as well. Last Day Deaf had the pleasure to ask Possessed a few questions about almost everything!


1st I would look like to personally thank you for the interview and interest in POSSESSED.

it is such great news to hear from you again with a new album “Revelations of Oblivion”! I am sure the reactions you received are full with enthusiasm. Tell us about your feelings since the official announcement of the release.

Well we worked so hard for this album and are very proud of it so I was  confident the fans and metal heads in general would accept this NEW Album.

It is such great news to hear from you again with a new album ‘Revelations Of Oblivion‘! I am sure the reactions you received are full with enthusiasm. Tell us about your feelings since the official announcement of the release.

Well we worked so hard for this album and are very proud of it so I was  confident the fans and metal heads in general would accept this new Album.

The last studio release of Possessed was in 1987 ( EP ‘The Eyes Of Horror), 32 years ago. Technically Jeff Becerra revived the band in 2007. What were your plans since then? Did you already have in mind a new album?

Well I started to play with Jeff  late 2006. We spoke about a new album what the other lineup but it wasn’t 100% POSSESSED. Now they are focusing 100% on their band & Jeff and I could focus 100% on Possessed. 2011 is when new material and a new lineup was created. So yes we took our time to make this album acceptable to the fans.

Two years ago Possessed signed with Nuclear Blast. Jeff mentioned in recent interviews that it was the band’s most preferable choice to join this major label. Can you tell us the most important reasons for this decision?

Nuclear Blast has a record of treating their bands far. Their marketing is world wide & with amazing array of bands who speak positive of this label which is vital. It’s either SONY who owes everything OR Nuclear Blast who is doing it for the right reasons. All the members said let’s aim for Nuclear Blast. We are now family.

Revelations Of Oblivion the title of the new album. First of all, I see and listen what I knew Possessed was when it begun: the cover artwork, the lyrics and the music. It is admirable that you have kept the old flame, but to sound also fresh. Apart form the listener’s personal reaction, how would you describe the creative process of the new album?

A tasty soup mix of οld school Possessed and new. We wanted the same old feel but with modern sound, we are in 2019 so why would we go that far back, sound Wise! The chemistry with this lineup is perfect. We are all brothers and we are good musicians who are in sink so all ideas flow.

Are you thinking of making an official video as soon as the album is out?

It’s already out now and called ‘Graven‘.

For the amazing cover artwork responsible is the Polish artist Zbigniew Bielak. When I saw it I immediately recalled the story about the cover of the first album ‘Seven Churches‘ which was supposed to portray a satanic church. Is the new album’s cover artwork a kind of a flashback? Tell us a few words about it.

It’s like a collage of Jeff’s lyrics. You can see symbols and metaphors from his lyrics. We all love horror movies so this album cover is the entrance of a dark horrific movie/album. Enter at your own risk.

Since the beginning one of the main goals of Possessed was to appear and sound satanic. ‘Revelations Of Oblivion is one more satanic death metal album. Does this reflect your personal beliefs or does it serve exclusively the core of death metal genre which Possessed is responsible for?

Death Metal music is brutal so brutal lyrics go hand in hand. When you hear/read the lyrics it will take you to horrific place. My personal beliefs are personal.

Being the godfathers of death metal how do you see the evolution of the genre and its sub-genres over the years?

Metal is metal in my eyes. Yes it has changed in many ways. Faster and more with more gore. Some in good ways and some well let’s just say different. I personally like all types of music so I’m glad to hear all different types of metal. The world would be boring if it was all the same.

In addition to the previous question, many younger metalheads are drawn to old-school material. As a part of the early metal underground scene in the US, what makes old-school metal of permanent value?

I feel a lot of the new has ripped off the old school. There will always be trends and at the end all goes back to old school. Look at the fashion industry. It’s easy to imitate but never duplicate. As a musician thou it’s best to learn all styles so when it’s time to write you have a feel for all styles. Having an open mind is better than a closed mind. Don’t limit yourself. But the talent is amazing what’s coming out from the new generations. Brutal.


Which bands have you been listening lately? Can you name some favorites?

Wow there is so many: Krisiun, Satyricon, Asesino, Old Morbid Angel, Tool, Immortal, Destruction, Pink Floyd, Judas Priest, Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Terrorizer, Van Halen, Accept, Rush, Unholy Lust, Behemoth, Hyprocrisy and POSSESSED to name a few.

When Possessed begun the main influence was Exodus, if I am correct. Have you since then secured your sound in a way, or are you open to add more influences?

Yes, we are all open for ideas as long as it fits the legacy Style of POSSESSED. The fans don’t want us to change too much. For example look at Celtic Frost. When they came out with Cherry Orchards that pretty much killed Celtic Frost’s career.

Tour dates have been announced. You start with Europe and Canada. USA follows afterwards?

We would like to do USA but South American and other countries are more supportive now days. It’s not the US fans but the US promoters who need to step up. Honestly Possessed will play anywhere and anytime as long as it makes sense. Possessed needs to play USA ASAP!

Thank you very much for your time, it is a real pleasure to have you on Last Day Deaf. We hope to hear more from you in the future! Add anything to close this interview.

Thank you for this interview and hope you had a chance to hear the new album. We can’t wait to write another album for you, LAST DAY DEAF.

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