I didn’t know who I was because I was drugged my whole life,” explains 43-year-old Boston punk rocker Craig Lewis. “Everyone who’s ever known me from age 14 until last year knew somebody who was on 40 different medications.” (2016)

Saturday at 8pm, in co-organization with the Endropi team we ‘ll feel happy to host Craig Lewis at the basement, because exchanges of experiences on how we are going to get through life, have to be exactly like that: uncomplexed, face-to-face meetups.

After bar with punk rock mood will follow

Craig Lewis is a punk rock consultant who uses his personal experiences with the mental health system and his personal trauma to offer alternative ideas and methods to overcome and surmount the impact of mental health. He offers tips for a life of free thinking, to become more creative, compassionate and personally revolutionary.

Craig is currently traveling throughout central and eastern Europe, presenting, discussing, touching lives and providing guidance to people who want it or need it.

In this presentation, Craig will present tools and concepts (in English, with an interpreter) that can be used to better understand the mental state we are in and to use the knowledge we have today to better navigate in a better tomorrow.

We will use pages from Craig’s book “Better Days: A Mental Health Recovery Workbook” as part of our group discussion.

His book: https://psychcentral.com/lib/better-days-a-mental-health-recovery-workbook/