Berlin-based Odd Couple is a psychedelic duo with raspy vocals and head-banging riffs. Their latest album ‘Flügge’ features bombastic tracks such as ‘Gone Solid’, ‘Orbit Traveller’, and ‘Haste Strom Haste Licht’. Feeling the need to see them live? Check Odd Couple out at SpaceFest!, a psych/shoegaze/space-rock festival in Poland December 1st-2nd.

For those who haven’t heard of you, how would you describe Odd Couple to a random person on the street?

Imagine Jack White, Klaus Schulze and Joshua Homme playing hide and seek in Rick Rubin‘s garden.

How was your duo formed? Flügge, to spread one’s wings… How do you feel you’ve spread your wings since your first album It’s A Pressure Τo Meet You?

We met in Kindergarden. We’re playing music together as Odd Couple since 2012. It´s been a nice little journey since our debut. But it just started.

What’s the recording process for a band like you? The layering of detail that goes into each song must be intense.

We often tend to overproduce our songs so it´s more intense to play less detailed.

Some of your tracks such as Gone Solid incorporate a hip-hop sound that’s reminiscent of bands like Can. Who are some of your influences?

We both listen to very different music but I guess we have our musical roots in stoner rock or whatever you want to call it.

I adore Orbit Traveller out of your newest full-length, Flügge. Could you tell me a little bit about this track?

Orbit Traveller’ is probably the oldest song on ‘Flügge’. I guess Tammo wrote it in 2010. We actually recorded a version for our debut but it didn’t make it. We do play this song occasionally live.

You’ll be one of the performers on the second night at this year’s SpaceFest!. What are your thoughts on the festival prior to playing it?

I like the idea of a SpaceFest!. Let´s go far out!

What is the festival experience like for you as opposed to gigs at more intimate venues?

This summer was our first proper festival season I guess. It was loads of fun! Everything is going faster, more people, bigger stages. I love playing music in general so I don’t prefer either of them.

What’s next for Odd Couple? More gigs lined up? Working on any new music already?

We actually recorded all basic tracks for our next record last week. It´s coming out in March 2018. Until then we only have a handful of shows coming up. We´re playing Warsaw also by the way!

Photo credits: Miriam Marlene Waldner

Sarah Medeiros