Nader Sadek is an Egyptian-American artist who visualize(s) the music of black and death metal. Collaborating with famous bands such as Mayhem, Sunn O))), Behemoth, Deicide, Morbid Angel and others he created a supergroup under his name, releasing the album ‘In The Flesh’ (Season Of Mist, 2011). His act includes also music videos and art exhibitions. On March 2nd he will perform live at Nepal Deathfest V in Kathmandu.

Your art seems to me at least, an effort not to necessarily provoke, but to make the viewer think why some things are considered provoking. Were you drawn by this kind of art and music because of your cultural background? Is it a way of protesting against “normalities”?

My cultural background will always have an influence on how I was shaped, like any other person. I have a specific outlook on things, and feel that it’s not just my right but my duty to express those things. This is what makes the art to make sense. It’s important to me that the expression is correct and from the heart. It’s not just ‘special edition’ because it is limited or how many times it was printed, for example. It’s special because of HOW it was made, not by the number of copies available.

You have worked as a stage artist for Mayhem and Sunn O))). Was this the starting point of your career?

Not at all, my career stated with drawings and sculptures which were exhibited in museums internationally, my work with Mayhem and Sunn O))) which is mainly making masks for Attila ( I did work with Mayhem on a tour too), but that was probably one of the ways people learnt about me in the metal world, and it was great exposure but it wasn’t the starting point.

A lot of musicians from significant bands have collaborated with you in your own project. To mention some: Steve Tucker (Morbid Angel), Glen Benton (Deicide), Andreas Kisser and many other talented musicians. What kind of vision do you share with them as the band Nader Sadek?

Yeah, it’s a common misconception that this is a band, it really isn’t, I just part-take in band things like performing at fests or releasing a cd, because it can function as a band, but it isn’t. For the most part the musicians understand that, but basically I ask them to contribute, in a specific manner, and those who accept do so.

I think what we share is that we all want to produce something that is great, special and exciting for us and the fans, who support is one of the main factors of what keeps us all so driven.

Would you say that nowadays extreme metal is still inflammatory as it has been in the early years?

Definitely cool things happen every year in all arts!

Can you mention some favorite bands and artists beyond music? Do you also listen to other genres as well?

Visually, Gustave Dore is my favorite illustrator.
Musically, outside of metal, I love original movie soundtracks , like those of Junkie XL and Hans Zimmer for “Batman Vs Superman“, Danny Elfman is also always great and Philip Glass too.

Are you working on new material for a future release?

Yes we are working on it at the moment!


On March 2nd you perform at Nepal Deathfest V. Can you tell us which musicians will be on stage with you?

It’s a very cool line up; Thor Anders Myhren aka Destructhor who was in Morbid Angel, Zyklon and his awesome band Myrkskog. Thor rules and his band is one of my favorites. Benoit Claus from Gorod who is simply one of the best bassists I’ve worked with.
Mahmud Gecekusu is the Middle East’s sickest and tightest guitarist and it’s always great having him around too!
And lastly a really great drummer from New York, Alex Cohen, who is known for his work with the brutal death Metal band Malignancy

I’ll be singing!

I guess your live performances have a theatrical atmosphere. Do you always have a specific theme?

Yes, normally I want to make it more than, just an audio show, and have a visual feel as well. Normally, I get dead trees and “decorate” the stage with them.

Thank you very much for your time! Add anything you wish to close this interview!

You’re  very welcome, I cannot tell you how I and the other guys are excited to play in this amazing country! We are truly humbled and very much looking forward to doing this and traveling a little bit and checking out the country!

Mary Kalaitzidou