1. Hymnambulae – ‘Ett Ord Från Öknen

This has been a big week and what looks to be the start of an even bigger year for  of Kammarheit and Cities Last Broadcast fame. Pär Boström has been one of the most revered artists in “the second wave of dark ambient”. Since his first recordings slowly spread around the world, Kammarheit has been synonymous with dark ambient.

Now, after releasing the first Kammarheit album in 10 years, announcing the follow up to Cities Last Broadcast – ‘The Cancelled Earth‘, and appearing in two monumental collaborations on Cryo Chamber: Onyx and Azathoth, Pär Boström has teamed up with his sister Åsa to launch a new label, Hypnagoga Press. The first release on this label is a collaboration between Pär and Åsa by the name of Hymnambulae. The debut album ‘Orgelhuset‘ (The Organ House) shows all sorts of new ideas in Pär’s musical repetoire. This team-up with Åsa is obviously inspiring for both, shown in the varied instrumentation present and the wholly unique direction this album has taken. Below is my favorite track, ‘Ett Ord Från Öknen‘ from ‘Orgelhuset‘, but the whole album is surely worth a listen.

Michael Barnett

  1. Memory Tapes – ‘Words They Don’t Believe’

‘I cannot conceive of a type of beauty that does not have in it the pain’ Charles Baudelaire.

New Jersey’s Davye Hawk, aka Memory Tapes has always struggled to conciliate his hyper-introverted personal life with his public professional side. Few years ago everything seemed to be falling to pieces; lots of his in-and-out relationships ended and the foundations of his musical environment were dangerously at breaking point.

Fortunately, over a year ago a sudden return in the form of a scintillating single with a less ‘chill-wave’, more cathartic sound and the announcement of a new full length record in progress.

To celebrate the start of the US tour, here’s an unreleased track ”recorded live at rehearsals”, with its The Cure/New Order-like post punk basslines backed by drum machine beats and melancholic dreamlike vocals, this song could easily be a fantastic official single.

Fabrizio Lusso

  1. Billy Talent – ‘Afraid Of Heights’

Afraid Of Heights‘ is the title of the new tuneful song by the Canadian rock band Billy Talent. Their upcoming homonym album will be available on 29th July.

Vasiliki Koulouri

  1. Bruce – ‘The Trouble With Wilderness (Waves For Yasmin)’

This is a new excellent electronic piece by Bruce. Let me give you the middle-aged man’s impression of it: if you are a fan of the claustrophobic days of Pink Floyda French noir cinephile or a romantic person, this EP is for you!

John Pallas

  1. Lavender Blush – ‘Reincarnation’

Lavender Blush is a name (and a great one for that matter) that for more than one year was spreading around the shoegaze aficionados: a cover in a Skywave‘s tribute compilation and at least three brilliant tracks that made waves among the indie listeners, and then silence. But just a few days ago something changed: the announcement of a new song and, subsequently, the definitive release of their debut EP.

With former members of The Moonbeans, this shoegaze four-piece has close ties with the more famous Bay Area pals LSD And The Search For God, but with a more UK indie-influenced sound (The Chapterhouse, The Jesus & Mary Chain) than the 60s psychedelic sound of the latter.

They took their time, but it was worth the wait: noisy reverbed guitar wall, ethereal dreamlike vocals,   warm spacey melodies — a pure shoegaze heaven.

Fabrizio Lusso

Compiled by Michael Barnett, Fabrizio Lusso, Vasiliki Koulouri & John Pallas