1. Kammarheit – ‘Arch

Kammarheit has made a huge return to the dark ambient scene over the last year or so. But, while he may have only released a few albums over his decade plus career, he has contributed a decent number of tracks to compilations. His new release, ‘Kollektionen‘, has gathered all these previous compilation tracks and given them a remastering by Simon Heath. To add a little cherry on top, here is the final track on the album, ‘Arch‘, which was recorded live at Sophienkirche, Wuppertal in 2011 and is released for the first time on this ‘Kollektionen‘.

Michael Barnett

  1. Hante. – ‘Une Nuit Avec Mon Ennemi

Hélène de Thoury aka Hante. offered us last week one of the tracks of the year. ‘Une Nuit Avec Mon Ennemi‘ from her latest EP ‘No Hard Feelings‘ combines in 268 seconds the best elements of cold wave and dark electronica. Wake up, “Creatures of the night”…

Christos Doukakis

  1. Wovenhand– ‘Come Brave

I chose Wovenhand’s ‘Come Bravefrom ‘Star Treatment’, out today, for this week’s Mixtape. ‘Come Brave’ is a raging, low folk, desert wind song, from Denver’s chaplain rockers. I believe that ‘Star Treatment’ will be a celestial experience for the fans, once again proving the main man’s, David Eugene Edwards’, inner observations through dark American folk…the night sky, the wind and its rumors.

Mike Dimitriou

  1. Ono Scream – ‘This Endless Walking

If you’re in the habit of attending any web music platform, getting submerged by a cascade of new music and new bands and you haven’t yet come across a song that makes you exclaim ‘Wow!’ and want to listen to it again and again…well there you go!

Those Robert Smith/John Mc Geoch-alike beguiling guitar chords supported by a neat drum machine rhythm section will carry you away to be bewitched by the beautifully mournful double male/female voices moaning about the gloomy inner feeling of inadecuacy, loneliness and disenchantment, when you feel isolated amongst the loud and shallow city crowd and just want to escape.

This endless walking / Through the mindless crowd / Their endless talking / Talking much too loud’  they desolately sing, over and over.

Ono Scream is a brand new coldwave/post punk solo project by Bart Willems from Antwerp, Belgium — who is also involved in a more energetic dark synth electronic trio called Apparaat  (it’s just as good!).

Remember his name and follow his music projects; the man is looking for his own tribe after all….

Fabrizio Lusso

  1. Olaf Stuut & Marlon Penn – ‘Maze (Floex Remix)’

Olaf Stuut (and Marlon Penn) released the follow-up of his album ‘Run‘; ‘Run (Remixed)’ contains versions remixed by Throwing Snow, Koett, Viken Arman, Floex and Hegri. This techno/experimental/ambient track is a great kickoff for autumn. It seems to me the techno acts of Amsterdam are very strong.

John Pallas

Compiled by Michael Barnett, Christos Doukakis, Mike Dimitriou, Fabrizio Lusso & John Pallas