Yes! Here it is! Lost Entity‘s first ever release ‘Space Project at Earth’s end‘ by spectacular project Intersonic Subformation. It took us a few months, but in the end we believe that the result will be rewarding to the least. Head on to Lost Entity’s Bandcamp page and grab the release!

-Back cover-


Liner Notes

Artist: Intersonic Subformation

Album: ‘Space Project at Earth’s end

1. Senses vs Machine (6:17)
2. Space awaits (7:58)
3. Dark matter (9:52)
4. Experiment (4:07)
5. Unquantifable amount of data (8:40)

Total play time: 37 min

All tracks composed, recorded and mastered by:
Richard Lisaj

Field recordings by:
Richard Lisaj

Recorded and produced between September and November 2016 at: Dubtrak Music Production