Buckle up and prepare to launch into a funk-filled odyssey with Nashville’s The Weird Sisters and their latest track, PARTY ON! As the Saturday night lights flicker to life, Gabrielle Lewis and Izaac Short take center stage, armed with an arsenal of funk-infused guitar riffs and soulful saxophone solos that could power a rocket ship to the moon and back. Their musical partnership is a cosmic collision of ethereal keyboards and electrifying vocals, creating a sonic supernova that defies gravity and ignites dance floors across the galaxy.

PARTY ON is a cosmic call to arms, inviting all cosmic voyagers to shed their earthly worries and join the interstellar groove. With every pulsating beat and infectious melody, The Weird Sisters beckon listeners to leave their inhibitions behind and soar into the stratosphere of funky bliss. So grab your dancing shoes and prepare for lift-off, because tonight, we’re taking the ultimate trip to funky town with The Weird Sisters leading the way!