Roselit Bone‘s recent release, the single and accompanying video for Your Gun, serves as an exciting announcement for the band’s upcoming album, Ofrenda, set to be released on August 25th via Get Loud Recordings. This track carries a timeless quality reminiscent of the 80s, fused with psychedelic elements and modern rock sensibilities. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources, Your Gun creates an atypical cross between the energetic vibes of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the 80s psychedelic heroes Plan 9, and the underappreciated post punk band Blurt. The addition of trumpet elements adds a fiery touch, combining with powerhouse vocals and the band’s “orgasmic” performance to create an electrifying experience.

This song possesses the ability to transport you back to the early years of Nina Hagen’s dynamic presence, leaving you moved and grooving to the infectious rhythm.