Big Love marks Lucy Gaffney‘s arrival with a nostalgic indie pop vibe. It’s the second single from her upcoming third EP, reflecting her journey vividly. Written upon returning to Belfast from Liverpool, the song captures the comfort of home. Lucy found inspiration in the hills overlooking her family home. Produced by her brother Thom Southern at Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios, Big Love was completed in Lucy and Thom’s mum’s garage during lockdown. It’s a raw, heartfelt piece that speaks to the simplicity and beauty of home and family collaboration.

“‘Big Love’ came from going on long walks up the Divis and Black Mountain in Belfast and feeling content being back home in Ireland after living away,” Lucy reveals. “I was happy to lean into a sense of familiarity and grounding that always coincides with being back in nature and the place you grew up in. I was sitting by the fire looking out of the window and Big Love was written in a moment of pure flow. The story of Big Love is somewhat ambiguous, it developed into romantic idioms that don’t specifically capture people but more so moments and feelings I’ve experienced throughout life that ultimately come down to a sense of belonging and self-worth.”