Looney Mack, the San Francisco Bay area based lyrical rapper, recently released the single Prince of Persia Swag; The track features longtime frequent collaborators Goldmouth and 707 Cortez and is produced by De’la Musik of TrakNation.  Prince of Persia Swag is a quintessential example of West Coast hip-hop, slightly more fast-paced over a smooth, sunshine filled beat. The Golden State’s artists weave the aerial and terra in a way only California rappers can. Tight production mixed with a polished and concise flow that still manages to contain a gritty zeitgeist, Prince of Persia Swag is captivating. Lyrically catchy, and checking all your boxes for quality, listen to it a couple of times and the earworm will now be on a permanent playlist.

While you’re in the Looney Mack zone, make sure to check out his other recent release I Can’t Be Your Superman and the accompanying casino themed music video.

Sarah Medeiros