Gregg Garvey, a singer and songwriter from Minnesota, channels influences from visionary artists like Gene Clark, David Sylvian, and ’60s-era Scott Walker. His latest offering is the soulful country-rock ballad Mama I Don’t Know Why, extracted from his new album, Time To Dream, released on the Los Angeles label Nomad Eel Records. Garvey relies on heartfelt melodies, genuine emotion, and seamlessly combines vintage charm with a modern-day sound—a composition reminiscent of The Walker Brothers jamming with Gene Clark. The result is grandiose, showcasing Garvey’s ability to blend nostalgia with contemporary musical sensibilities.

Garvey says: “The song Mama I Don’t Know Why was written after moving to my current residence in Southern California. It was a reflection on the raw impulse I couldn’t entirely explain compelling me to go out into the world and explore and just see what happens. For me it’s also a declaration of purpose and motivation. The song tells the parent, and the world, “I don’t know why I’m the way I am, but the more I follow what I appreciate, the more everything starts to make a lot more sense.” Not only does the song deal with finding one’s purpose, but also honoring that sort of epiphany.”