Dream pop maestro Endless Forms, helmed by the creative force Justin Allen since 2015, is poised to unveil his latest sonic masterpiece, I Want It All, courtesy of DRRT Records. This track, the fourth jewel to emerge from his forthcoming album The House of Love slated for an October 20th release, is a lush, ethereal journey. Set against a backdrop of haziness and anthemic allure, I Want It All explores the chasm between intense, all-consuming desires for self-elevation and the sobering realization that such aspirations can carry profound losses. With commanding vocals, an impeccable driving bassline, and a crescendo of shoegaze catharsis, Endless Forms crafts a sonic opus.

Allen said about the song’s meaning, “I still have my future ahead of me, but as I move through life, I have a lot of guaranteed loss ahead of me. Everyone alive right now will eventually pass away. That means that, best case scenario, there’s some grief waiting for me in the future. But even with all of that, there’s this need to keep searching, keep enjoying, and keep wondering, fostering a kind of positive dissatisfaction. This song is a sort of celebration of everything we want but don’t have. Waking up in the morning and feeling a burning desire is a sign of health and passion.”