dayaway, the dreamy indie pop collaboration between Amber Renee and Graham Marsh of CLAVVS, has unveiled their highly anticipated EP,”blue summer moon, now available via Turn To Wind. To celebrate the EP’s release, dayaway has also treated fans to a mesmerizing music video for the title track and final single,”blue summer moon; Brace yourself for dazzling dreamscapes, ethereal vocals, and divine melodies, all accompanied by a super trippy video that adds an extra layer of visual enchantment to this captivating musical journey. blue summer moon is a sonic adventure you won’t want to miss.

“I wrote ‘blue summer moon’ about a rare kind of love. One that burns bright but can’t last. Instead, it lingers on in dreams and parallel worlds. 

Last year after I wrote it, I saw there would be a blue summer moon in 2023 and that seemed very fortuitous. So, of course, we planned the whole EP release around it. 

We are incredibly proud of this collection. On the surface, these are songs about love and heartbreak, but there’s also something deeper for those who care to listen. 

Special thanks to my bandmate and partner Graham Marsh, who co-produced, mixed, and mastered all the songs on this project and who’s also the person behind the camera on all our photos and videos.” Amber Renee