Music video for the Vision Éternel single ‘Pièce No. Trois‘ from the EP ‘Echoes From Forgotten Hearts‘, released on Abridged Pause Recordings on February 14th of 2015. ‘Pièce No. Trois‘ was filmed by Jeremy Roux on January 10th of 2012 and directed by Vasiliy Atutov from July 22nd to July 23rd 2017. Vision Éternel is a melogaze band from Montreal, Canada. It was founded by Alexandre Julien in January of 2007.

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Bandcamp: https://visioneternel.bandcamp.com

Song credits: All music composed and performed by Vision Éternel.

Vision Éternel is the creation of Alexandre Julien.

Music recorded at Mortified Studios from October 4th of 2014 to December 8th of 2014.

Produced and mixed by Alexandre Julien at Mortified Studios from October 29th of 2014 to December 23rd of 2014. Released on February 14th of 2015 through Abridged Pause Recordings – APR11.

All songs released are exclusively registered to Abridged Pause Publishing.