Last Day Deaf is enthusiastic to be the Media Partner for the upcoming live appearance of the Parisian, multi-genre electronic artist Sydney Valette, carrying his impressive, 2022’s album ‘Home Alone‘ in his luggage covering a wide range of electronic music & of course wave (darkwave, EBM, post punk, rave, italo Ddsco, ambient), that’s promising enough for a remarkable night at Death Disco! Valette will be joined on stage by the Greek minimal synth/wave outfit Misfortunes.

The event is ‘powered’ ElektroSpank & VoodooD Productions!

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About Sydney Valette

Through a varied and progressive career spanning several styles of electronic music, Sydney Valette upholds the highest levels of vision and discipline.

‘Home Alone’ is the 6th LP album of Sydney Valette. Fruit of the Pandemic and heartbreaks, it is a return to basics, to how everything started in 2005

About Misfortunes

The word cold gets used a lot when we speak about TONN Recordings’ synth, so it’s a rare thing to come across something in this music that evokes a warmer tone. But it’s that quality of warmth that has become the hallmark of Misfortunes’ sound. A synth that is rich, with a rhythmic undercurrent, always poised and poetic and a voice that is never more beautiful than in its native Greek.