Silent Move for the first time presented their own musical-sound version of Carl Theodor Dreyer‘s “Jeanne d’Arc” at the “Improvisation and Cinema” festival at the Trianon cinema in 2012. This presentation was recorded and was their first record, titled “In seven parts” (Triple Bath). Since then, they have presented their own versions of more than ten classic motion pictures and have participated in many experimental music festivals.

In their second appearance at the KET, Silent Move re-read “Jeanne d’Arc”, using fragments from their first reading, but adding new sound materials and directions.

In their collaboration with the KET, they presented a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock, intervening for the first time in talks, also presenting Hitchcock’s masterpiece “The Lodger“, which will be the band’s second album, planned to be released early 2019.

9+1 Q&A with Silent Move

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