This is a “free pass”, so get on the Indie-Coaster for a 15-track ride of indiepop, jangle pop, psych, alternative, indie electro & indie rock!

Artist: Port Lucian

Track: ’20z’

Kick off with the impeccable, bedroom pop track ‘20z‘ by Philly queer icon/hermit, Portia Maidment, and her creation Port Lucian. Fell instantly in love with the surf rock vibes and the loose feel & naivety of a 20 y.o.

Don’t ask why, but this gem brought in mind this one…. Perhaps, those jangly guitars!

Artist: Springfield Elementary

Track: ‘Doctor, Doctor’

Springfield Elementary is a promising, psych-punk band from Manchester, U.K., and at last they play atypically loud (Thank God!). ‘Doctor, Doctor‘ is their latest offering, and frontman Billy Goodwin explains that ‘it was written after years of mental health struggles and the hopeless feeling that comes from living within a relentlessly individualistic and selfish society. It is more anthemic than our other stuff, a sort of ballad for the battered mind with a slight dash of optimism. I wrote this song ages ago, and recorded it well before the lockdown was implemented, but I think it definitely reflects a lot of people’s moods right now. I think the COVID-19 epidemic has been especially difficult for people living with mental health issues, and I hope they find strength and solace in this song (or at least relatability to know their anxieties aren’t alone).’

So actually 2 in 1 with this intense, instant live fan-favourite, and conceivably some of you may have already started counting backwards for this ‘lockdown-era’ to come to an end, and burn youselves out dancing to one of 2020’s bangers!

Artist: Revolt

Track: ‘Kyoto’

Hope you are ready for some really vigorous indie rock! Nordic teens Revolt unleash more energy and theri sound is hotter than volcano’s lava; ‘Kyoto‘ belongs to those tracks, that you take a bold, deep breath before pressing the play button and hold for 178 seconds. Mind-blowing & anthemic… From start to finish!

Artist: Elephant Castle

Track: ‘Life in Outer Space’

Ideal time to take a break; Elephant Castle is the creative vehicle from Los Angeles-based singer and multi-instrumentalist ​Phil Danyew​, who used to play in Foster The People for the past 6 years. ‘Life in Outer Space’ is his 3rd single and is ‘a cosmic love story that starts in a park and ends in outer space‘. Ear-melting indie-psych melodies to get lost in, that no Tame impala fan should ignore…


Artist: Chork

Track: ‘Old New Love’

‘…Still I’m in love, with no contact…’ This is the key verse of Chork‘s debut single ‘Old New Love‘, “an emotionally charged song that touches on real-life experience – a broken relationship, a shattered dream and strangled happiness“.

What we love most about this tune, is the overflowing emotion, the well-balanced, but also emotive, vocal performance and defo its powerful hooks. Most of us have felt this way at least once in our lives, so ‘indie karma’!

Artist: OhnewDawan

Track: ‘Winter Sleep’ [Live Home]

The first band that came in mind while listening to OhnewDawan‘s ‘Winter Sleep‘ live home version, was Bloc Party. And wasn’t wrong! This French, indie electronic trio ‘felt bored during this lockdown period so they decided to record a home live version of this unreleased track‘. Luckily they did, great Bloc Party and early-era Foals‘ vibes to dance to!

Artist: Way Back Ruth

Track: ‘Lipsplit’

Way Back Ruth is an indie/surf rock duo from Denver (Matt Ruder-vocals, guitars, bass & Michael DeVincenzi-drums, percusiion) and ‘Lipsplit‘ is the closing track ot their latest 4-track EP ‘Butts‘ (sic!).

Summery surf rock vibes, great jangly guitars, catchy melodies and formidable cool-ness in the vein of boy pablo & Summer Salt.

Artist: Anna B Savage

Track: ‘Dead Pursuits’

Anna B Savage‘s ‘Dead Pursuits‘ is one of the most evocative combinations between a song and a video, have experienced in quite a while. this one is London-based singer-songwriter’s 2nd single (out via seminal label City Slang) and it may be quite early, but unleashes an artistic quality reminiscent of legendary PJ Harvey. The inky, ouroboric stop-motion video by Carolina Aguirre, is the most ideal companion.

Floored by this beauty!

Artist: Dance Lessons

Track: ‘New Job’

London-based, female-fronted, indie pop trio Dance Lessons, recently shared their 2nd single ‘New Job‘ which is an elegant, blend of indie pop and dance-able indietronica with stunning production and ear-melting vocals. The outfit’s singer Ann has stated about this gem: “New Job has been like a self-fulfilling prophecy. It was never meant to become personal. I initially wrote it late last year – before a break-up. Afterwards, I went on a mad search for new ways to distract myself. The song shows the similarities in perspective of two people post-breakup, both using distractions to mask the sadness“.


Artist: molto morbidi

Track: ‘Once I Had Your Ear’

molto morbidi is the solo moniker of Shadow Motel‘s singer and keyboardist who takes her first solo step. ‘Once I Had Your Ear‘ contains a delicate, dream pop coating, but its “heart” beats indie, while the brain is full of psychedelic fluids. Confused? Cannot blame you, but since this is the 10th or 11th on repeat listen and have started losing contact with this planetary system, will let you in the warm ‘hug’ of this indie oddity!

Artist: Protonaut

Track: ‘Loudmouth’

Protonaut is the solo project of German singer, multi-instrumentalist and professional basement dweller Dominik Honold. With an ala Thom Yorke falsetto, an all-powerful, driving bassline and a catchy chorus to sing along, ‘Loudmouth‘ is a more than decent indie rock track with edgy ‘pinnacles’.

Still sitting on that bloody chair? Get up & dance!

Artist: The Silly Toys

Track: ‘Strangers’

We adore those dudes! Three friends, singer-songwriter Stephane, drummer Ben, and bass player Adrien, who just want to unleash, unpretentious, immediate and ultimately catchy, heavenly melodies straight out from the 90s golden indie era!

Strangers‘ may very well have been an isnta classic, had it been released a quarter of a century ago. But, its 2020, with a planet struck by a disastrous pandemic, but we choose to close our eyes and start dreaming again; With The Silly Toys.


Artist: Suburban Living

Track: ‘Indigo Kids’

Just cannot get enough from this band, that we recently shared as part of the latest textures\/reverb round-up. Suburban Living‘s ‘Indigo Kids‘ is a stunningly beautiful mix of dream pop, new wave, indie and art pop. And around the 3.30 comes this killer sax to lift off the listening experience to the ultimate “lost summer” anthem. Could you ever imagine The Cure hanging out with Deerhunter and then happen by Beach Fossils? Well, his is it!

Indie-Coaster is on fire…

Artist: FERGUS

Track: ‘Young Tonight’

London based alt-pop artist FERGUS‘ latest single ‘Young Tonight‘ is an indie pop ballad with a big heart and according to the artist a song that ‘captures the calm after a storm. It’s a breakup anthem that pairs bitter lyrics with euphoric sounds as you cast off a heavy sentence and emerge, reborn, surveying the wreckage one last time before leaving it behind for good‘.

A heartfelt tune sung with passion that simply gets better with repeated play…

Artist: Moscow Apartment

Track: ‘New Girl’

What a way to end this crazy ride! The most recent single, ‘New Girl‘, from Moscow Apartment‘s upcoming self-produced sophomore EP, ‘Better Daughter‘, set for release on July 10, captures the Canadian duo at its finest moment: 90s indie vibes, an infectous chorus and a well-balanced vocal perfomance to unleash the best of the melody! Grandiose.

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