Hidden Place were in a closet, and it was in 2015 when they let out ‘Reazione’ single that made the fans really talking about their music. Italian darkwavers exist since 2011’s ‘Weather Station’ early works LP, but slowly they started throwing some light on their music and their undisputed talent in the genre. Darkwave with cold wave (that endearing music procedure), performing their songs with the characteristic vocals by Sara Lux, had offered “classic” and “monumental” songs like ‘Window Sill’ and ‘Alla Mostra Dei Costruttivisti’. Last year, in September, they released their latest and very interesting ‘Nero Schwarz’ LP, and will get on Death Disco stage on the 21 January. We had an interesting chat with the band and here it is, enjoy!

Hello Hidden Place, 10 years in the scene, how’s the trip so far?

HP: The trip is full of waitings, surprises and laughs. Every our album is a time of our lives and as ever the music has saved us. Now we have a more mature vision of music and many things that before were not understandable , now they are clear.

You have recently released the collection ‘Nero Schwarz’, can you tell us about it?

HP: ‘Nero Schwarz’ is a collection of old songs revisited plus one new song called ‘Histoire d’Amour’. Nero Schwarzis what we are till now. The past is connecting with present. The release is a kind of collection of our songs. You can notice, in every song there is a different attitude. In our songs there is always  a different way to make music but we always put the sound we feel closer to us. It’s a release that in a way describes what Hidden Place is.

You are among the Italian bands that actually revive the old school electro/synth wave, but what is it that really makes Italian musicians get involved with this kind of music, and actually establish the Italian sound as an influence to the genre?

HP: We are Italians yes and we write what we really feel. Being Italians for us is natural put our “Italian touch”. We are not a band that copies foreign bands trying to be doppelganger. It’s not our way to make music. From foreign bands, yes, we can be influenced but it ends there.

You have given us a few trademark and classic HP songs like ‘Window Sill’, ‘Emotional Frequencies’, ‘Alla Mostra Dei Costruttivisti’, among others. Mixing your electro-based engines with new wave melodies, included in a synth packing. What does influence you in composing, and what should we expect in the future?

HP: We are influenced from the moment, the period of life that we compose. Most of the times art influences us a lot since the band was born.

You sing your songs in both Italian and English, please tell us why, also what are your stories about, and what affects your lyrics?

Sara Lux: Italian language is my favourite language because contains many words, so I can  describe better what I feel. In English this is not so possible but it’s really “musical” as language. In my lyrics I talk about night, nocturnal characters, art, literature.

You are going to perform live at Death Disco in Athens on 21st January. What can we expect on that night?

HP: We have already played at Death Disco we love the Greek audience. You have such taste of music! Coming from south Italy we feel so close to Greeks J

You have collaborated with Frozen Autumn, Patenbrigade:Wolff etc. Any other collaborations in the near future?

HP: No, for now there aren’t collaborations in the near future.

Can you share with our readers some of the bands you are keen on nowadays, or some from your current playlists?

HP: From our playlist we can share with you: Ultravox, Clan Of Xymox, Death In June, Cocteau Twins, Current 93, And Also The Trees, Sisters Of Mercy, etc…

Last, what is kept to be seen in that “Hidden Place”?

HP: The authenticity of the “hidden place” itself.

Thank you very much HP for the interview, please close it as you wish…    

HP: Thank you Mike. It has been a big pleasure answering your questions.

Photo credits: Marilia Fotopoulou

Mike Dimitriou