Heretic Cult Redeemer is a black metal band from Athens, formed in 2009. Its members have a long history in the underground Greek black metal scene (Acrimonious, Necrovorous, Embrace Of Thorns). As Heretic Cult Redeemer they have released one self-titled full-length album in 2013 via Iron Bonehead Productions. On February 5th they appear at Second Skin in Athens, in the “Typhonian Black Metal” show under, along with Acrimonious, and Nox Formulae.

The Greek underground black metal scene has a quite long history. Do you see or think there is a wish to emerge, or does it by “nature” remain in the underground, perhaps for a specific audience?

The Greek underground black metal scene has of course a long history with great bands and killer albums. The source of this music is above the limits of human consciousness , meaning that only a few individuals can fully grasp the real spark that lurks inside. And for that it does not matter if it becomes mainstream or the opposite. Those who truly possess the internal fire, will be guided at the end.

The sound and composition also remain on the footsteps of the early Scandinavian black metal. Do you personally consider to broaden your musical horizon, and if not, how does the genre function through this way of performance?

Those who do not evolve will perish” (Jon Nodtveidt).

In which way do you see the scene to evolve? Are there more people who attend live shows or create their own bands?

Concerning everyday “evil metal” people we don’t give a shit. We are only interested in brothers who share the same visions as ours. If it comes to a sinister release we always pay attention, otherwise we don’t care.

In your description there is an analysis of what surrounds our material world and the universe. The number “Seven” is most significant in this description, and there is also a track in your album ‘Heretic Cult Redeemer’ which is the Greek word for seven, ‘Epta’. From which ‘school of thought’ derives this kind of philosophy?

The material world is just one aspect that derives from above. All the band’s lyrics are influenced by personal experiences in search of our higher demons. The meaning of 7 is the sacred number of the seven vessels of life force, the seven planets of the universe emanating from primordial ΧΑΟΣ and more unaccountable things that you can speak of.

As already mentioned, you are veterans in the Greek black metal scene, participating in a lot of projects. What is the reason of this kind of movement, and which are your expectations with Heretic Cult Redeemer?

We feel an urge to give flesh and bones to what we have received from the deepest regions of our soul. Music is a connection with the divine and concerning black metal it’s more than common music. Heretic Cult Redeemer stand for the breaking of the circle of life, turning our backs to the creator of the universe, following the guidance of the Female principle and discovering the true Light.

You will appear at Second Skin in Athens (February 5th) with Acrimonious and Nox Formulae with whom it seems you share the same contextual atmosphere. What can the audience expect to see or experience in this live?

We are really looking forward to this Ritual, as it will be total darkness. The audience can come and find out.

Which are the band’s future plans regarding live shows and new material?

Except from the live on 5/2 we have no other plans concerning this. We are working on our second full Opus right now which is more complex than the previous one and are fully satisfied with the result. We hope that it comes out soon.

Thank you for your time! Any message you want to share with our readers?

Lord of Light, to Land and Sea disperse us

Snake and Dragon and Lion

that howl to the great Beyond!”

Mary Kalaitzidou