Six recent tunes of the ‘mind-blowing’ jazz, jazztronica, afro-jazz (and the list goes on, but jazz is the basis!) , with endless groove, to… Groove on.

Laranja – A Última Fortaleza – Michele Chiavarini Remix

(jazz house, neo soul)

Lucas González – Rojo

(flamenco, jazz)

All Day Breakfast Cafe – What If Nile Rodgers And Fela Kuti Were Friends

(afrobeats, nu jazz, disco)

Anton Commissaris – So Far Journey

(vocal jazz, bossa nova, cha cha cha)

Felix Reuter & Chris Wayfarer – Ludwig Loves To Dance

(jazztronica, latin house)

Jon Thorstensen – Secret Place

(nu jazz, funk)

Christos Doukakis