Legendary filmmaker George A. Romero passed away on Sunday July 16, listening to the score of The Quiet Man, one of his all-time favorite films, with his wife, Suzanne Desrocher Romero, and daughter, Tina Romero at his side. He died peacefully in his sleep, following a brief but aggressive battle with lung cancer, and leaves behind a loving family, many friends, and a filmmaking legacy that has endured, and will continue to endure, the test of time.

The family asks for their privacy to be respected at this time.

Chris Roe – Manager
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Legendary American-Canadian filmmaker George A. Romero left yesterday for ‘another dimension’. “Godfather of the Dead” and considered to be the “progenitor” of the fictional zombie of modern culture, mainly for the emblematic zombie trilogy, “The Night Of The Living Dead” (1968), “Dawn Of The Dead” (1978) and “Day Of The Dead” (1985). Especially the first movie (co-written by John A. Russo), apart from being my personal favorite zombie movie of all time, has also ‘lit’, and shown the way for other talented directors such as Tobe Hooper, John Carpenter and even Zack Snyder (a more than worthy and gory remake of “Dawn Of The Dead”, 2004).


Horror community and of course cult movie fans will also commemorate Romero, for the  science fiction horror-action film “The Crazies” (1973), “Martin” (1978) which marked the first collaboration between the late director and special effects mastermind Tom Savini, great horror black comedy “Creepshow” (1982), which was Stephen King‘s screenwriting debut, “Monkey Shines” (1988, first studio movie), social-commentary horror “Two Evil Eyes” (1990, co-directed with Italian giallo Master Dario Argento) and the French horror flick “Bruiser” (2000, featuring The Misfits in the soundtrack).

George went to find the other George (Sheriff McClelland) and I am pretty confident they are both shouting “They’re dead. They’re all messed up.”

Christos Doukakis

The Night Of The Living Dead” – Trailer

The Crazies” (1973) – Trailer

Martin” (1978) – Trailer

Dawn Of The Dead” (1978) – Trailer

Creepshow” (1982) – Trailer

Monkey Shines” (1988) – Trailer

Two Evil Eyes” (1990) – Trailer

Bruiser” (2000) – Trailer


Stay scared!