Curated by: Christos Doukakis

Brief bio as a DJ

Djing since the early 90’s (Next,Metalleio). I used to have weekly residencies at Horostasio (1995-2002), Odd (2002-2004), Underworld (2005-2008) then i opened my own club , Second Skin (2008-2019) where i djed of course as well on a weekly basis, plus booking gigs or promoting my events (like Torture Garden Athens or Venus In Furs to name but a few ). Since closing down Second Skin, i’ve been working as a freelancer dj in various clubs in Athens (like Horostasio, well yes, here i am again , 2 Ten or Selofan bar)
During the years they have invited me to dj in USA, UK, Russia, Spain, Israel, Austria, Finland ,Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia

Which is your favourite venue?

Brixton Academy

Please name 3 Dj’s that have inspired you most…

As a matter of fact i was never the type of guy to be inspired by Djs , but mostly musicians.

-Choose only one option of the following-

Vinyl or Cd?

Vinyl with a Van Den Hul Frog moving coil cartridge , Cd with a transport and a PS Audio DAC.

Sunrise or sunset?


Urban or rural?

Definitely Urban.

Hardware or PC set?

Hardware by far.

Cinema or theatre?


Black or white?

You don’t ask a question like this to a Goth.

Goa or psy?

Man With No Name

Chicago house or Detroit techno?

Of course Detroit Techno

Body or mind?

Overanalyzing separates the body from the mind

Scuba-diving or mountain climbing?


Tell us which do you consider your best trick in relation to DJ skills?

It is not a trick actually , just a natural ability to feel the people. And people feeling me at the same time.

Now we would like a 5-track set for our readers

ThxSoMch “Spit On My Face”
Boy Harsher “Electric” (Kris Baha remix)
IST IST “You’re Mine”
FEWS “More Than Ever”
Orbital feat. Anna B Savage “Home”

Which is your favourite food & drink?

Thai food sipping a hazy IPA…

Where can your fans find you…

Name your wishful Back 2 Back

With Trent Reznor spinning some old forgotten remixes he’d created haha