At this very moment, most likely, someone will stand by sampling a sound or modulating an oscillator. Many waves are plowing through the air and among them, there will certainly be a few more intense; Those of Mika Vainio. Today, with great sorrow, we announce the loss of a sacred master of experimental and electronic music…

From futuristic music of the project Gagarin Kombinaatti (to collaborations with artists like Fennesz, Bruce Gilbert, Alan Vega, Vladislav Delay Quartet ending with the legendary formation of Pan Sonic (early Panasonic).

Epic project co-founded by Ilpo Väisänen, where concrete music is combined with old-school industrial bands like Throbbing Gristle and Einstürzende Neubauten.

Mika leaves posterity masterpieces like ‘Endless‘. Albums in which Alan Vega’s voice blends with the most pure minimalist waves.

Albums like ‘Invisible Αrchitecture #2‘, co-created with Fennesz, until the most recent collaboration with Franck Vigroux where idm, techno, music concrete “steal” the soul and the time of the listener.

From missing “A” (we must remember the legal dispute with Panasonic for band name) to Ø (his solo project), from minimal techno to IDM, from pure introspective ambient sound to industrial, for about 30 years, Mika has experienced music in almost all its facets, painting emotions and life with the unique and unmistakable sound that will remain in history.

On April 13 of 2017 a new star is born  up in the sky; Mika and his waves will propagate up to the dawn of time.

Good trip, Master.

Antonio Cristofaro

Panasonic – ‘Urania‘ (from 1995’s ‘Vakio‘):

Ø – ‘Set The Controls To The Heart Of The Sun‘ (from 2008’s ‘Oleva‘):

Ø – ‘Vastus‘ (from 2008’s ‘Oleva‘):

Pan Sonic – ‘Atomin Paluu (Part 2)‘ (from 2016’s ‘Atomin Paluu (A Film Soundtrack)‘):

Vainio/Väisänen/Vega ‎- ‘Red Lights Down

Fennesz, Mika Vainio, Christian Zanési – ‘Transfers

Gagarin Kombinaatti – ‘Ukaasi

Pan Sonic – ‘Pan Finale