Formed in 2012, Fixions is a French cyberpunk/dark-wave project created by Slo from Smohalla, HKY and Alien Syndrome 777. Having already produced three full-length albums, a soundtrack for a video game (Mother Russia Bleeds) and numerous EPs, Fixions is rapidly conquering a leading position in the cyberpunk/dark-wave scene.
Influenced by classic movies such as Blade Runner, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, the extreme metal scene from the 90s, Amiga video games, Fixions evolves in a style mixing dark and surrealistic elements, bombastic, powerful production, and a solid 80/90s dystopic science-fiction aura.
The project’s new album “Genocity” is possibly the most extreme and deep release they ever produced. A concept album inspired by classic cyberpunk fiction tales, where every track depicts one of the thousand dangers the ‘Edgerunners’ will encounter when visiting the city at night, the album sees Fixions merging futuristic urban ambiances with dark epic elements and heavy, abrasive sounds.