Today we feel excited to host the exclusive video premiere of Hungarian producer, singer, songwriter Zsüd‘s ‘2 a.m.‘, a moody downtempo/trip-hop track with jazz noir elements, suitable for those endless night hours until the very first dawn’s rays of light. The video, also directed by the artist herself, is shot on black & white and is a more than ideal companion for the song.

This one is absolute class and best enjoyed on repeat, with headphones and a double whiskey on the rocks! Cheers!

Press Notes:

The song is a mood-capsule of late night creation. My aim was to catch a certain vibe of being up and working in the middle of the night, when everything else is silenced and sleeping. Leaving every trend I ended up with a jazzy noire mood, as using the night time for creative work is not something we do out of fashion, we just do, because that is how we go through our journey.  We are also creating a 40s style, black and white noire music video for this song.

One of the main challenges of creating the video was to come up with the script that fits to the foley sounds already existing in the song. The other was to build a moving platform that can handle a fully furnished antique living room and the camera set at the same time. We also had to face some surprises on the run, such as losing our male actor on the day of the shooting thanks to the pandemia. In the end the project was saved by one of my childhood friends and classmates, and we ended up meeting for the first time after 18 years on the shooting.

About Zsüd:

Producer, singer, songwriter. She loves experimenting with cinematic and electronic elements, wandering not too far from pop genres. She studied classical piano and music theory as a kid, after getting her Masters degree in engineering she returned back to music from the electronic angle. She studied music production and sound design, now is co-leader of imPro, Budapest School of Music and Technology. Her debut album is set for 12th of March, 2021.