Now this is what we really needed: A woozy, 90s sound, indie rock banger to remind us of the Golden indie era. Tonight’s exclusive track stream on Last Day Deaf, is the new standalone single by Seattle duo The Figurants. A compelling, melodic track absolutely vital for Dinosaur Jr., Pavement, and Built To Spill addicts; An instant classic, that from its very first seconds will have you wonder “Wow, do I know this song?“…

Check this out below, it’s lo-fi too!


The Figurants are comprised of songwriter Matt McClure (Red Kitchen) and producer Erik Sahd (Chauchat). The two originally met back in high school in Lancaster, PA. In their late teens, the two played in the band Light-O, where McClure played bass and Sahd played drums.

Shortly after, McClure and Sahd were hired for a traveling costume-character kids show called “Dinosaur Legends”. Together they toured the country with McClure playing Steggy-T (“The Outer Space Dinosaur”) while Sahd played the group’s leader Dino Dude. It was during this time that Sahd taught McClure the basics of playing guitar.

Sahd would start his own solo career and released the solo experimental album “Right Now (You Have Always Been Right Here)” and played drums for many acts around the Lancaster/Philadelphia area. McClure would live in various cities around the country and play in several bands until forming Red Kitchen which released their first album in 2008.

After a 20-plus year absence and inspired by the long-distance recording methods of indie rock band Sparklehorse, McClure and Sahd would exchange the tracks over the internet that would become “Relative Distance”. The band has since gone on to release four albums, most recently 2019’s “Indoor Words”.