Tonight we feel born-again to host the exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, of Troy Ko‘s 2nd electro pop single ‘More Than‘; The track that lasts just over 5 minutes, is a splendid balance between soothing, -and well produced electronic soundscapes-, and a well balanced vocal expression avoiding getting over-emotive, even after the 3rd minute mark when the track takes off to transform into the absolute emotional vortex.

More than‘ is a courageous pop gem about ‘depressive ideation and feelings of worthlessness’, but with the brightest light at the end of the tunnel!

Press Notes:

Troy Ko speaks on depressive ideation and feelings of worthlessness in latest track “More Than.” A track written to describe the feeling of being lost in life and not understanding purpose, Ko wrote the single as a way of catharsis to overcome his negative feelings. The single is a lifeline asking for someone, something to identify and find their existence as “More Than” the nothingness they feel.

On the track’s basis Ko explains, “I wrote ‘More Than’ to help at times when I’ve felt completely lost in life. When I feel depressed I can feel like its easier to let go, give up on life and I think to myself only then would I find meaning, that’s what inspired the versus and choruses. Despite its dark nature I want this song to be taken as a positive as through writing this I have found my ‘More Than,’ my purpose and I know those listening can find it too. To me it’s now a mantra to overcome depressive ideation.”

As a pop artist Troy Ko wants the genre to go further in its discussion of mental health. He explains, “I was frustrated by a number of pop artists who use pop music to talk about ‘mental health’ but only use it in a way that is pandering and for profit. It’s tiring having many pop artist talk about mental health but only do so in a way that is completely fabricated and disingenuous. I wanted to write music that resonated with others in a way that directly explains my experience.”

“More Than” serves as the second release in Troy Ko’s discography after debut single, “Your Type” an electro-pop club track on validating bisexuality.


Troy Ko wants to redefine the conversations in pop and push the envelope in whatever ways possible. Through electronic pop beats Ko hopes to use his music to shed light on communities not talked about in pop culture.

Through sexuality, depression, anxiety, and sexual assault, Troy Ko’s music uses music and songwriting to overcome trauma and to fully validate his identity. The upcoming release of singles all work through these adversities and were all used to keep his head above water.

Malcolm Fong
Photo Credits: Malcolm Fong