…And then it was 80’s again! But, not in a retro way. This luscious naivety that ‘Never Be You‘ unleashes is the basic element: Immediate but not direct, plain but not simple, melodic but not mellow. Sweat Boys definitely belongs in this very special group of bands, that you keep in a very special closet near your heart. It’s the act (and especially this sublime song) that will make you watch “Electric Dreams” or “The Goonies” and laugh/cry at the same time, rediscover your “jammed” Rubik’s cube once again, get out & switch off the wi-fi/data of your phone and feel the nature or most likely the urban void and even fall in love again with this girl/boy that never stared at you, but you wished he/she did.

For the younger ones, just close your eyes and let this purity aviate you to the stars.

Never Be You‘ is taken off upcoming ‘Nervous Prayers‘ (GIVE/TAKE, June 28th).

Press Notes:

“Solid stuff from an act we’ve mostly overlooked, but this has gone miles in making sure we don’t make the same mistake again.” -I Die: You Die on “I Don’t Love You”

“Heart-wrenching, powerful album.” -Rob Robinson (Hate Dept., ohGr)

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All songs written & performed by Benny Sweat except “Never Be You”, performed by Benny Sweat & Jerry Miller (guitar) & “Endlessly”, written by Dylan Thomas Lambert & Benny Sweat, performed by Benny Sweat & Nicklas Stenemo (guest vocals). Vocal Engineering, Mixing, Additional Production: DEATHDANCE. Mastering: Rob Robinson. Logo Design: Jim Marcus.