Tonight we feel blessed to host the exclusive track premiere on Last Day Deaf by American, cross-genre recording project. Mothers Talk and its stellar, synthwave opus ‘Civilization Of The Mind‘. Featuring some of the most notable, ear-melting dreamscapes, mesmerizing vocals, and impeccable guitar work, this one is a guaranteed, neon, wild ride to the ‘Seven Heavens’.

Mothers Talk quote about the song: “Civilization Of The Mind” is a song I wrote about self-actualization and rebirth. It’s about breaking free from the things that hold us back – particularly the digital things. It’s also an homage to a beautifully written manifesto by Grateful Dead lyricist John Perry Barlow in 1996 called “A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace”, which outlines the original utopian aims of the Internet – a glorious new cybernetic dream meant to liberate the human mind, but has since proven, in many ways, to do the very opposite.

This is one of the first tracks I recorded for Digital Mistress. I started producing ‘Civilization’ on my laptop while living in a hotel room in Bahrain, surrounded by the neon city lights of this otherwordly desert cityscape. I came up with the guitar parts almost immediately while jamming along through my shitty laptop speakers. My goal was to fuse my love for funk, synthwave and psychedelia all in one dreamy package. Special thanks to the talented Ryan Palm who recorded the epic synth solo in the middle of the track.”

Press Notes:

Whoever said synthwave can’t be topical? Introducing “Civilization Of The Mind” – the gunmetal-slick opening track from Digital Mistress – the genre-defying debut LP by Mothers Talk. A lavishly rich dreamscape of vaporizing synths, god-like vocals and pulsating funk guitars, “Civilization Of The Mind” pushes synthwave into transcendent new realms of stone-cold, funk-laden psychedelia. Pick your psychotropic drug of choice and surrender yourself to these warm, juicy transhuman vibes…


Mothers Talk is a cross-genre recording project rooted in vintage guitar sounds kept fresh with retro electronic touches. It covers a vast range of sonic territory, and refuses to limit itself to a single genre or style – which is both its blessing and (most likely) its curse. Mothers Talk is the sonic brainchild of guitarist S.J. Mathos who writes, records and produces nearly all the music.