We cannot, and we simply don’t wanna hide our enthusiasm, for tonight’s exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, of the collaborative track between the American indie shoegaze dream pop artist/producer Rachel Lucille Woodworth, LittleStarRun, and synthpop artist Aaron Rhoades. ‘The Rush‘ is a majestic, one of a kind, blend of alluring chillwave, ethereal shoegaze and ear-melting synthwave featuring the magnificent vocals by LittleStarRun and the sublime synth work by Aaron Rhoades that lift off the experience. During the process of creation of this infectious anthem the two artists were mainly influenced by “The Drive” Soundtrack, Italian Netflix, and their love of synthesizers and shoegaze.

Heavenly melodies, divine vocals, passion and emotion unleashing in its every single second, stylish and 100% current and with a gradual, anthemic climax this one is already among the most memorable sonic experiences of 2023. No need for more words. Let the music play….

About LittleStarRun:

LittleStarRun is the musical moniker of American indie shoegaze dream pop artist/producer Rachel Lucille Woodworth. She started her project in Athens Greece and then relocated to Scranton Pennsylvania in 2016 where she released her first single “Wilting” with a surreal video shot by Greek filmmaker Nefeli Sarri.

Some of her musical influences include Pavement, Ride, Jenny Lewis, Mazzy Star, jazz, and psychedelic folk. She was a member of the indie psych band BrianTV and appears on two of their albums.

In 2018 she collaborated with Brazilian electronic artist cellardoor and was featured on the album Seashores and Riversides which was voted in the top shoegaze albums in 2018 by Brazilian press.

In 2019 she founded the band The Singularity Project with Mexico CIty/Berlin based psych folk/prog artist Galar, and wrote and produced her first eco feminist science fiction indie rock musical “The Singularity”. During the pandemic she turned the musical into an audio drama which has received international recognition.

She has been working on a collaboration with Albany based artist/producer Aaron Rhoades and the two will release their first dreamy chillwave synth pop single “The Rush” in February of 2023. She is also currently conducting experiments with modular synthesis, performing as a theatre actress, rehearsing with her live band and recording an album due out in 2023.

About Aaron Rhoades:

Aaron strives to create songs that tell a story, evoke emotions, and are fun to experience live. Aaron Rhoades began exploring keys at an early age, learning songs by ear and even writing his own. Throughout these years he only learned pieces by memorization and studied their composition in great depth.

Aaron played keys and started singing in a band, allowing him to explore his vocal style and stage presence and dig into electronic synthesizers. The band recorded and released an EP as well as a self-produced full-length album.

After graduating with a Music Degree, Aaron began to work on solo material and develop his own sound — blending his knowledge of synthesizers and his unique compositional style. In 2018 he released his first EP, Rebirth, under the name Aaron Rhoades, and has released various singles since then. His next release is a collaboration with Scranton-based artist LittleStarRun called “The Rush”, coming February 24th.