We feel more than excited for today’s premiere on Last Day Deaf, by the war-struck Donetsk, Ukraine artist L O S T S L E E P featuring Russian singer-songwriter Rita Kolesnikova. This track is a stunning blend of 90s trip-hop in the vein of Portishead, and early-era Massive Attack, mixed with bleak dystopic, industrial soundscapes, reminiscent of ‘The Downward Spiral‘-period Nine Inch Nails. Ideal for the main theme song for the next “Silent Hill” number!

Press Notes:

The new single ‘Liar’ was recorded by LOSTSLEEP, a young indie-electronic artist from war-struck Donetsk (Ukraine) and Rita Kolesnikova, singer-songwriter from St. Petersburg (Russia). This song is about the truth – unpleasant, complicated, perplexed, hidden under layers of lies and illusions.