Tonight we feel passionate to host the exclusive premiere on Last Day Deaf, of 17 y.o., New York-based singer-songwriter Emmrose‘s ‘Afterlife‘. Despite her young age, Emmrose is more than capable of unleashing a ton of feelings with her most compelling vocal performance to date, -avoiding the over-emotive ‘trap’-, in this dark, twisted synth-pop, romance song. The bar is raised with the supernatural synth work and the definitive chorus that will directly seep into your brain. We wouldn’t be surprised in any way, if this gem became the theme track for the next vampires/witches/supernatural related series on Netflix for the next season! Highly addictive…

I was really trying to tap into the kind of toxic relationship where there is a really terrible power dynamic. The guy can be really possessive and controlling, to the point where you can be 100% reliant on someone who will ultimately hurt you. I was also thinking about some people I know, and how they almost want to be in relationships with such horrible people, and how they would pretty much do anything for this other person. It takes it a step further in my mind where it’s like this supernatural romance, where it can actually be life or death situations in these kinds of books.

The concept of the song was inspired by a tv show that friends suggested we watch. The characters and storyline gave us an idea to write a brooding, romantic indie song, and we really connected with writing about something gothic. It was fun tapping into a pretty dark place thematically, writing lyrics about an unhealthy supernatural relationship.”

As far as I’m aware, Richard and I are not vampires or witches, so the song was not really taken from our lives. Though the lyrics were mostly inspired by a toxic relationship, we were both really thinking about the context of a TV show we had seen and some other supernatural romance characters from popular books and movies.

It was really fun working with Richard. We both came up with really cool ideas for Afterlife, collaborating on the lyrics and melodies, and also with his production. We finished the song in one day. Richard is definitely one of the best collaborators I could imagine. He is so full of ideas, and it’s just so easy working together.” – Emmrose

Press Notes:

Emmrose and Richard collaborated for the first time on “Afterlife”, as they both wanted to write a darker sounding, twisted romance song. The two songwriters were intrigued by how many fantasy romances were focused around toxic relationships with a large difference in power and reliance from one another. Wanting to capture this eerie and supernatural vibe, producer Richard Orofino blends synth pop elements as well as chilling sounds to go along with lyrics about a destructive relationship. “Afterlife” begins with an almost ghostly intro, which then is complimented by Emmrose’s rich, lower register. The lyrics bring the listener into a story all about a controlling relationship, where Emmrose sings about needing their partner even though they will hurt them in the end. 


Emmrose is a seventeen-year-old singer-songwriter living in New York City. She has been writing, recording, and performing her original music since the age of fourteen. Born and raised in lower Manhattan, Emmrose discovered the piano at the age of eight.  “I was at Sunday School when I came across a brown, upright piano in one of the classrooms. I remember sitting alone and playing an A-minor chord. I didn’t know what that was yet. I played some other chords, and before I knew it, I had written my first instrumental song.”  

During 2020 she continued to work with her producer Mike Abiuso in isolation at his Brooklyn recording studio where they composed numerous songs for sync licensing, single releases, and her upcoming EP “Thorns” which will be released in fall of 2021. The year of COVID was also her introduction to artist-writer-producer Richard Orofino, a Brooklyn based artist with a similar indie pop sound, signed to the same sync licensing company as Emmrose. The first single they wrote together is “Afterlife” which will be released on June 11th. This special track was produced by Orofino, mixed and mastered by Mike Abiuso at Behind the Curtains Media, and we are happy to confirm that there will be more songs released by these three collaborators this year. 

Emmrose is signed as a Secret Road Artist for sync licensing.