Tonight we feel more than excited to host the exclusive track premiere on Last Day Deaf, of coming on strong, Toronto based electronic music DJ and producer Cozmic Cat and her smooth gem ‘Open Up Your Mind‘ (officially out on August 4th). Apart from the impeccable production, unleashing the essential retro feel, the track is a glorious, jazz house treat, featuring sassy beats, warm, elusive pads, inviting vocals samples, a healthy dose of positivity, and a brave progression & build-up from start to finish leaving the listener begging for more. It’s stylish but also ultra melodic and addictive, and all we have to do is “open up our minds“, pump up the volume and give in…


Press Notes:

Open your mind and follow this track down the rabbit hole, its an jazz vs House music battle that takes place in slow motion, on a rumbling subway train that goes back in time through the 70s. Lean back in your seat and feel the vibes as we pass thru subwoofer tunnels sprayed with graffiti snares, concrete jungle hi hats and skylines framed by atmospheric chords to reach an unknown destination in the future.

Open Up Your Mind is a gentle reminder of a vision of unity and diversity that can only be achieved if we work together, educate ourselves and stay OPEN. Its part of an endless playlist that creates a soundtrack for a moment, a soundtrack for a Movement. It’s easy to tear things down, but real change happens when we manifest a vision of something positive and magical to take its place. Join us on a journey and a mission to spread #CozmicLove and promote unity and diversity on dancefloors worldwide…


Cozmic Cat has a wide ranging musical style that came from parents who took her traveling through to Africa, Canada and the South Pacific at a young age. As an adult she paid her musical dues in the clubs and spaces of Philly and NYC where she lived for a decade immersed in Disco, Funk, Soul and House. Currently she resides in Toronto, Canada where she has a loyal following from her years of dedication to the scene.. Behind her infectious smile, Cozmic is a music loving, authentic soul whose passion for music and positive vibes knows no limits. Her debut album #CozmicLove (2017) was followed by the GEMS ep in 2018 and most recently FREEDOM in 2019. Cozmic maintains a steady flow of singles being released and signed to various International labels as well as her own house label Jupiter Productions. Her track ” Needja” was named “Track of the Year” by Music Magazine and curator MagZFM ( Philadelphia). While Coz continues to light up earbuds with her growing discography of tracks and remixes on Spotify etc., her Dj sets light up dancefloors from Toronto to Vancouver, Iceland to South Africa and more. Follow the Cat and join the global familly on a mission to create, promote and manifest both unity AND diversity in dancefloor culture worldwide.

Instagram: @cozmiccatofficial
Spotify: Cozmic Cat
Facebook: /djcozmiccat
Soundcloud: /djcozmic