We feel more than excited for two reasons for today’s exclusive: The first one is that this is the debut track and lyric video by Whitey Vulgar (consisting of two Massachusetts rappers Deebs -1st verse and chorus- and Shawn Mics -2nd verse-), which is really important any artist trusting Last Day Deaf for their first official release.

Secondly, and most importantly, is that ‘Bag Pipe‘ is a solid production by Corpse, with the sound on professional level, the rapping by both rappers is clean and competent, and the melody is just obsessive, concluding that this is a more than flawless rap banger with some dirty rhymes that will keep us engaged for a while.

In a few words, those two boyz just killed it!

Press Notes:

Whitey Vulgar consists of two Massachusetts rappers Deebs (1st verse and chorus) and Shawn Mics (2nd verse). They linked in 2019 to record a single off of Shawn Mics album ‘Another Day in Paradise’. After establishing that relationship they moved on to record more songs under the group name Whitey Vulgar. Bag Pipe is the first single off of their self titled debut slated to release late 2020.