Electronic Vortex will put a spotlight on the hard hitting, groovy, edgy and above all dance-able aspect of electronic music featuring 8 fresh tunes to trip the light fantastic.  

On decks: Christos Doukakis

Rico Puestel – ‘Obi Xi’

(melodic techno, “space techno”), Germany

Ian Draven – ‘Shadowborn’

(hard techno, minimal), France

Tyler Cichy – ‘Deem’

(drum n’ bass, breakbeat), United States

House of Cheetah – ‘Mick & Keith’

(tech house), Australia

Westend – ‘Life Of Sin’ (feat. Ranger Trucco)

(tech house, bass house), United States

Madora – ‘Afterlife’

(rave, acid techno), France

Menschen Beim Sex  – ‘Durch Die Brust Ins Auge’

(industrial techno), Germany

Bratři – ‘Transition’

(progressive house, melodic techno), Czech Republic