Dope. playlist series will feature 10 recent gems, mostly focusing on emerging artists, you should, now or never, get round to. No genre boundaries applied, just “dope” music… Let’s get it on!

Artist: Charity Case

Track: police they came they shot her baby (feat. Kristen Merritt and Barbara Field)

Genre: experimental rock, alternative rock, psychedelic rock

Artist: Naomi Pacifique

Track: the sea is coming in

Genre: lo-fi rock, experimental, shoegaze

Artist: Sailor & I

Track: Losing Track Of Love

Genre: dream pop, indie electronic

Artist: Cr!s-T

Track: In The Same Place

Genre: post punk, dream pop

Artist: The Besnard Lakes

Track: She’s An Icicle

Genre: psychedelic rock, post rock

Artist: Jorge Natalin

Track: reveroF onneM

Genre: instrumental, art rock

Artist: MFMB

Track: Sugar

Genre: post punk, kraut rock, alternative

Artist: Yan Springett

Track: Above

Genre: neoclassical

Artist: Luigi Vittore

Track: Alive

Genre: chill-hop, lofi

Artist: GaryOAKland

Track: Sunrise

Genre: instrumental hip-hop, chill-hop

Compiled by: Christos Doukakis