Dark, alternative-electronica architects Diorama, released their latest long play ‘Zero Soldier Army’ earlier on September 9th. They are currently on tour and therefore they couldn’t neglect their Athenian fans. One of the most beloved bands of the dark wave tribe are performing at Death Disco club on the 8th of October, having already built a strong relation with the city, based on their previous shows and their course in music. Here, at Last Day Deaf, we had announced their then brand new video ‘zsa’ and their upcoming  lp. earlier in September,  so we couldn’t miss the chance to suggest an interview with the band, which they kindly accepted. Enjoy Diorama!

Hello Diorama, welcome to Athens once again. How is tour going, what is the feedback from the audiences on the new material?

We just had three overwhelming shows with our friends from Diary Of Dreams in Germany and we’re thankful for all the great reactions we were allowed to receive. as always, the feedback on the new record is heterogenous. Some listeners and reviewers tell us the songs are difficult to access, others claim it’s clearly the electro album of the year.

Can you share with our readers what are we expecting in your performance at Death Disco on October 8th, especially regarding the detail mentioned on the announcement, electronic set?

Contrary to our regular concert lineup with drums and guitars, it’s only Felix and me on stage. So, the performance is focused on the essentials, more minimalistic and intimate, truth and movement. Let’s say our interpretation is rather coming along as an electro project rather than a band. Naturally, this also has an impact on the set list.

The latest release Zero Soldier Army seems a little darker than the previous one Even The Devil Doesnt Care. Which are the featured changes between them and how did you end up to these arrangements?

From my point of view, our last album was more playful and complicated, whereas ‘Zero Soldier Army’ is coined by focused and sophisticated arrangements with an overall harsh, vigorous character. I would agree that it is quite dark. It’s actually funny how there’s almost no hope in it.

Wendt and Marc have proved to be as a very strong duo while composing and performing. On the bands FB page there is a statement about the genre the band doesnt know and the band doesnt care, but you are among the most important names in dark wave and E.B.M. orientated music. What could that statement hide, and also which new paths could emerge regarding your art in the future?

The statement means that we’re refusing to put our music into a certain drawer just because facebook and myspace are asking for one. We have incorporated a wide variety of stylistic facets into our music over the years. It would not feel right to say we’re an E.B.M. band, neglecting the indie / progressive rock influences in a way and vice versa. People are free to think about this differently of course.

Diorama have been releasing records since 1999, mastering a big discography and given the audience great chills, anthemic songs and historic L.P.s. Which are the most significant influences for you?

In terms of how we design our creative output, artists we admire are of course an important influence. Apart from that life itself in all its heights and depths, psychology, nature, all kinds of airy ideas.

And what really moves and drives you in such lyrics, the bands integral statement in life.

I simply try to put down how I’m thinking and feeling and I try to touch on things I would not have words for without musical embedding.


What does the name Diorama mean to you, in literate and artistic means?

The term Diorama refers to a three-dimensional model of a landscape, event, space, scene or room, often enclosed in a glass showcase for exhibition purposes. This is taken from our website, I could not explain it better. And that’s what we’re doing, building artificial showcases for our listeners and ourselves.

Success doesnt seem to have a counterfeit in the bands talent, and it is obvious that you are totally dedicated in your music. Whats your opinion about success? What would you suggest to the emerging genre bands?

We would make a pretty poor blueprint to success, I guess. So I’ll stick with Thom Yorke’s famous line and I really mean this seriously: ‘If you try the best you can, the best you can is good enough.

Thank you very much for the interview, last words belong to you.

Thank you too. The last words are fish, yellow, neuropsychiatric conditions and acoustic album in planning.

Photo credits: Thomas Wuhrer

Mike Dimitriou