CRUSH were formed in 1983 and are considered to be one of the earliest and most significant heavy metal bands in Greece. They released their debut LP ‘Kingdom Of The Kings’ in 1993. The album was re-released in 2009 on CD format from Siren Records with a bonus track. CRUSH will perform at the 3-day Horns Up Festival on May 11th-13th in Trikala, Greece.

I think you get this comment a lot, but I have to say it again that, although you have released only one album your impact is still alive. What happened since the ‘Kingdom Of The Kings‘ release?

Hello and thank you for the hospitality!!! Well… that’s a very long story! We had never expected the popularity of our first l.p. As y may know it was a totally personal production, with the the help of our friend Jimmy Kyritsis and we will always be grateful to him.since back then it was a very expensive production!!! After this, we didn’t have the money for a second l.p.

In an interview you gave for Metal Invader in 2015, you mention that your were working on the release of the second album, but you stopped due to the economic crisis. When can we expect the new album, ‘Edition Of Darkness‘?

Yes that’s true..we have plans for our second album, but we abandoned the project during the crisis in our country. Then we found some money but our guitarist and co-founder of CRUSH, Pantelis Rodostoglou, decided to leave the band!! It was a real mess for all of us!! In mid 2016 Lefteris Kontos (ex-Erase) joined the band. Vasilis Drakontaidis also joined the band with his keyboards. The new album will be available within the last days of 2018.

I think it is needless to ask if the new album will have the same 80s/90s atmosphere…

We do our best to keep our musical i.d  like 80s or 90s, but also enriched with some new elements.

Your fans often mention that you are underrated. Do you feel this way? How were things in the early 90s for a metal band in Greece?

Sometimes yes we feel underrated.. But also we have done our mistakes!!!……The situation in Greek metal scene was the same like the one in the early 80s…I believe only at late 90s  we ‘saw’ a better condition…

Have you noticed any changes within the last years regarding metal music? Do you miss the old times in metal music? Give us some favorite bands from the past and some from the latest years

Oh yes I miss the first years.. Mostly as part of our youth!!! I am not in place to talk for other bands so please accept my apologies for that!!


Besides CRUSH are you involved in other projects?

Yes I am involved with Karma and their first symphonic metal album  for one song. This album may be available in late summer!

On May 11th-13th you will participate in the Horns Up Festival. Are you going to perform any new material?

CRUSH will perform two live shows in this may. First one at Black Box Methodia on May 5th, in Athens as headliners with 4 other great bands (Sorrows Path, In Vein, Project Renegade and Chaos Realm). Then, on May 12th we are playing at Horns Up Festival in Trikala. Yes, y will take a taste from our new album!!!

Thank you very much for your time! We are looking forward for your new album! Close this interview as you will.

Thanks again for y interest and stay heavy!!.. Long live the loud brothers..!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Kalaitzidou